Christian Dior

On 21 January 1905 Christian Dior was the son of an industrialist in Normandy to the world. After his graduation, he studied political science and successfully completed training in the diplomatic service. Dior, however, felt rather inclined to the arts and opened a gallery. As an art dealer in Paris, already established, he supported emerging artists such as Salvador Dali, the art gallery, but had to close 1931, for financial reasons and began with the design of fashion sketches. The successful publication of the hat he designed models in the magazine "Le Figaro" brought him the first engagements in various fashion houses such as those of Lucien Lelong and Robert Piquet, 1939 until he was drafted into the army. 1941 release from military service, he left by the Germans occupied Paris and moved to southern France. The textile manufacturer Marcel Boussac hired as artistic director of Dior haute couture house. In 1947, followed by the presentation of Dior's first fashion collection, which was praised as a "New Look" and the eponymous Dior crease was a legend. Contrary to wartime material shortages and the unglamorous spirit of Dior continued to lavish wealth on silk and velvet, on luxury rather than casually, and had so much success. Together with Pierre Allemani He then founded the fashion house Dior in 1949, he showed his first catwalk show in Hamburg, German and demonstrated in the following years, a good business sense to expand its product line, including through a successful licensing policy. Christian Dior was in spite of his fantastic success in the workplace as a private rather reserved and modest. He died at the age of 52 years, probably of a heart attack in the Italian Montecatini.

The life work of Christian Dior

The New Look as a sensation caring "Ligne Corolle", the bluebell line was, with a narrow top, narrow waist and swinging skirts formative for the fashion of the 50s. Christian Dior created later, the pencil-and H-line, he changed Rockweiten hem lengths, and in almost every one of his collections and revolutionized the fashion world after the war. After founding the fashion house in 1947 was followed in 1949 in New York, the mass production of the designer models as Pret-a-porter fashion. He hired the young talent Yves Saint Laurent, after Dior's death as chief designer until 1961 for the creations of the House of Dior was responsible. The idea of Miuccia Prada to design and shoe collections too, took on Dior and increased its product range with other accessories such as handbags, sunglasses and makeup. By licensing the CD will be released world-famous logo on perfumes, furs and jewelry. 1989 Acquisition of the French conglomerate LVMH's house Dior, as chief designer Gianfranco Ferre was first hired and later the Briton John Galliano. The Pirate Bandana makers presented in 2010 in his designs, the luxurious elegance and legendary inspiration of the life work of Christian Dior.

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