Designers and their job

The field of work of the designer can include a wide range of products, so it is possible to specialize here to a restricted area. Just about every commodity and every created by human hands, has been designed. There are fashion designers, designer furniture, for houses. Every technical device was designed with the help of a designer. In essence, the designer creates or shapes a particular medium. The work is very creative, but has to adapt whatever the current fads. In addition, a designer should also have mathematical skills and have a very good imagination, certain other situational knowledge are required. The designer can be employed in a particular company as an employee, he / she can also work independently and to market the products themselves or decide to work with various clients. Today, many people were able to make a name in this industry and are therefore known and loved. Straight Fashion designers often have a very high reputation and work with stars. At events like the London Fashion Week, the Pret-a-porter in Paris or Berlin's Fashion Week will present the fashion of the public. In an almost identical design to the professional interior designers working for clients, they develop certain concepts of space and need, paying particular attention to the purpose of the space, given the circumstances and preferences of customers.

Famous Designers and the Design Award

Just fashion designers today have much influence, and many fans. They often accumulate a large fortune and leave, in addition to the material, a great cultural heritage. The late designer Hugo Boss, left in his name not just a fashion brand, but equal to an entire group, the Hugo Boss AG. The Frenchman Christian Audigier was born in difficult circumstances and is today considered one of the most popular fashion designers. He worked for many major manufacturers as chief designer until he had great success. Audigier ten o'clock already established labels, including Ed Hardy. The very label Ed Hardy's very popular because of its rock motifs with young audiences, in addition to clothing and shoes are designed furniture and home accessories here too. Many innovative and successful designers will be awarded prizes and awards. One of these, the German design award, whose owner is to be selected by a jury. Winners will be honored in the field of product and communication design, and a design award "personality" awarded. To support and encourage young talent to be able, has been awarded since 2010 also the Design Award for Young. In addition, there are also other small and large awards for design, awarded by museums, magazines, cultural ministries and cities.

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