Fashion designers and fashion through the ages

The concept of fashion designers, fashion designers today, goes to the first founder of a Parisian fashion house, Charles F. Worth, in the middle of the 19th Century back. Since then, major fashion designers such as Coco Chanel, Dior, Laurent or Versage have been influential for the style of their time. Ultimately, fashion reflects changes in society. This went on over time from the fashion creations and fashion ideas for elevated levels of society, the fashion design for industrially produced fashion shows for everyone. Today, it is natural to get designer fashion, not only in specialized shops, but also in department stores, as well as the great fashion selection that is offered to the customers in fashion catalogs. Also known designers are doing today for everyday fashion. Leading fashion designers dominate at the present time not only a style of dress, their names also carry jewelry, lingerie and full of fragrance and bodycare products for skin care. In earlier times, the fashion was subjected to a rather slow transition, we are now accustomed to it that in each year, for each new season fashion collections on the market. Modern Fashion reflects less rapid changes again, yes, it is often nostalgic influences into new variations subject. Even a certain style is not as strict determinant for a certain period of today's fashion development. Rather, usually specify a series of fashion styles and different directions of Design at the same time the market. With this development, the profession of fashion designer is no longer the privilege of some major fashion houses and their world-famous, but sought-after profession for young, creative developers have become fashionable.

Sewing and Fashion Design

Belong together, although, for a good fashion designer or a fashion designer needs to understand the craft of tailoring, fashion design, but is also still high level of creativity, experimentation, and represented the courage to own developments ahead. So is the basis for the profession in general studies at an art academy, a visit to a specific designer, or a vocational school. That title Dipl fashion designers but also provided for a long time not to step into the fashion world. Precedes the hard way, for their own designs and models to find buyers, develop a feel for the market and establish itself in the fashion business can be too harsh. However, today far more young fashion designer opened doors by there are also exhibitions and competitions for young designers. Activity, there are also in the costume area for film, television and theater, and in the development departments of apparel companies. Individualism and creativity in the fashion world today more than ever. So time and again to take talented young designers can base their designs and models, and successfully bring to market. Through the Internet, it is also easier now to create new developments and ideas, public, and also a market. Thus the fashion world is even more colorful and more diverse.

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