The History of Fashion Illustration

Among fashion illustration is called the artistic design of contemporary and historical dress, by drawing, painting or collage. Fashion Illustration comes from the Latin word meaning enlightened nature and mode of explaining to praise.
Already at beginning of the 16th Century appeared the first fashion magazine with many fashion illustrations and sparked fascination and gathering instincts.

Particularly the fashion illustration flourished under Louis XIV, this was only the latest and most extravagant clothing of the time. The designers had to constantly come up with new and creative fashion lines and present. Some world travelers have been at the beginning of the 16th Century from their distant destinations, drawings of people in costumes and clothing introduced. Some were well-known illustrator Paul Iribe, Paul Poiret, Christian Berard, and Ruben Toledo. For classic fashion illustration is often used coal - oil or chalk, pens, and various techniques, including the wiping technique.

Modern fashion illustration as a drawing or photography?

In the 50 years he `took a photographic magazines briefly the fashion scene. It was photographed and reproduced more. But the character of a sketch could not be recreated from a photo or snapshot. The difference of a fashion illustration of a photograph is easy to recognize. Photos depict the garment, however, presents a sketch of the garment and invites to the dreamy idea of a conscious garment. In this age of computer technology is used, the digital imaging software for fashion illustrations. Special PC software make it possible to develop a lifelike fashion illustrations, which resemble the hand-crafted product very much. To produce professionel fashion illustrations to be, one needs training to become a fashion designer in a university, vocational school or university. The profession is a protected professional title and requires a degree in the field of fashion design. The course usually lasts for ten semesters and beeinhaltet art history, production engineering, design and layout.

Each artist has his own style and technique, which he must present in the sample drawings. Their creativity knows no bounds. Black and white drawings and colored sketches are essential in fashion and design scene. One advantage of digital imaging is to preserve the quickness of the illustration and design of the better sketches. Images were made by hand and lovingly drawn may fade after a few years or gray. Some are modern fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, Jette Joop, Jil Sander. `In the 90 years he has been moderen mixed fashion trends from different cultures. Especially in the drawings that formed variable creations contribute the most colorful and cheerful. Has long been the fashion illustration is widely used across national borders and has been shown by the fashion designer and model the advantages of individual countries and continents have won for themselves. Gladly the warm Caribbean for swimwear is used or the Alpine world ski fashion designs traveled.

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