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Jewelry particularly fascinated by the world of women since time immemorial. The first arose at the end of the 19th Costume Century, almost simultaneously with the appearance of the first fashion magazines. For the fashion designer Coco Chanel Costume Jewelry was excellent since the opening of its first fashion house in 1911, an integral part of their creative idiosyncratic creations. Even the former no longer had the imitation jewelery Jewels real goal, he was the bearer of grace, and above all convey an aesthetically valuable impression.

Fashion Jewelry - the great diversity

Costume designers get their inspiration primarily from the current fashion trends and share their creations in order to perfect the relevant topic. Costume Jewelry is preferred not only by young girls and women, young at heart, even the older generation likes wrapped his glory. The production and processing is carried out of base materials such as Plastic, metal or glass, and colored surfaces, finally, mirror, iridescent, gold plated, are matted and / or silver plated. The combination of different materials allows a huge range of products with ever-new creations inspired by jewelry designer according to the fashion season. In general, Costume Jewelry is obtained much cheaper than genuine jewelery. Stores, mail order and department stores offer their own jewelry departments are often given priority to costume jewelry. Special jewelry stores have a more exquisite selection of jewelry, both precious and base materials. The exclusively designed by Costume Designer hand has to do with "cheap" but nothing. On the contrary: Jewelry possible primarily a creative, modern and individual styling and has the expensive Echtschmuck look and quality not inferior. Often, it is different at first glance, not at all possible "real" from "fake" jewelry.

Fashion Jewelry completes the fashionable outfit throughout the day and on festive occasions. Particularly noble Costume worn as a single piece unfolds its effect and brings to the dressing room as the highlight of an elegant style, skillfully advantage. Very nice is also worn in the Fashion Jewelry Set view, that is, if all parts are equal in jewelry design. Harmonically tuned shapes and colors should determine the image and drag to look like the more expensive version of the Echtschmuck. Also in cikán jewelery silky, shiny beads in combination with luxurious polished crystals or rhinestones, which sparkle in elegant necklaces, earrings swinging, Hoops, earrings, bracelets to dainty or piercings. Warm brass sounds in Costume provide a magical, oriental aura and even the textile chain, with different elements of pearls, wood, shells and polished acrylic emphasizes the personal taste of the wearer. Extravagant Chokers with ornate enamel amulet interpret the folk variety. Decorated as a "high-caliber" Seeming, or jet, with a lot of rhinestone or pure, enameled or faceted - including the dazzling variety of beautiful rings is unlimited.

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