Gloss & glamorous fashion show

They have always exerts a fascination with people from all walks of unparalleled - the haute couture of the great designers such as Dior, Versace and Gucci. Stars and starlets adorn themselves with their great performances with the robes of design icons, chief editors of major fashion magazines in the world and the rich and famous are happy to host the shows at the Star-fashion designers of our time. And the designer of the Billigketten copper from all trends, they can locate at the big shows and offer them at affordable prices to all those who can only dream of haute couture dresses. The largest and trendgebendsten fashion shows take place each year and again in the fashion capitals instead. The most famous and longest established fashion epicenters are Paris, Milan and New York. Who's there as a designer hosting a fashion show, it has usually been done. In recent decades, as London and Barcelona are increasingly made in this connection a name. To the Paris Pret-a-porter shows, the Milan fashion show or the New York Fashion Week comes around but none that it will bring in the fashion industry to fame and glory. Here is a still the biggest stars, fashion journalist and well-heeled buyers who pay for the haute couture prices vary with joy, just a unique piece of glamor in the wardrobe. But even at the side scenes of the fashion industry is heating up. Thus, events such as the Bread and Butter fashion fair in Berlin, where mainly young designers sent their models on the catwalk, running successfully for years. Many of the newcomers make this Showcases international press and attention, and perhaps even the year after a fashion show in the big cities.

The Fashion Show - Behind the Scenes

How does life in the glamorous world of fashion to the outside through, however hard it is often behind the scenes. Models for many years to clean the handles of the fashion capitals of model agencies, in the hope of creating it on the catwalk of one of the great designers. And thus perhaps lay the foundation for a career as a top model to four-day rates included. For months, the designers are working feverishly towards the big shows. A fashion show will require all the parties thereto excellence and dedication. The designers will present their new creations in the best light, for which demand is unusual locations and are often placed high demands on lighting and sound designers. At a fashion show the models are working in the chord, sometimes they run several shows a day and many times umgeschminkt fitted with new, gorgeous hair jewelry, and failed to present a fashion creation after another. As impressive as all this looks on the outside, behind the scenes to rotate troops in make-up artists and hair stylists to the fashion show goes smoothly across the stage. And in the end is for the designer a complete success.

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