Giorgio Armani

The Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, who had his own fashion label founded in 1974 and was followed by 1975 his fashion ideas for ladies, was honored recently in 2009 with the Bambi for creativity. Had learned of the top fashion designers among others Nino Cerutti. His own fashion label, that had built up with his friend Giorgio Armani Galleotti, who died of AIDS in 1985, now includes not only men's and women's clothes, but also cosmetics, perfumes, underwear and fashion accessories. This could really take off the fashion designer Armani after Hollywood stars like Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan has attracted. Especially successful he was by the film equipment from Richard Gere in American Gigolo, with his Armani Haute Couture. But Armani has also attracted German Politburo sizes prominent example of former Chancellor Schröder had many international performances in Armani suits. But Armani also aroused even political attention, when he clothed 1980, the Italian Air Force. The Forbes magazine drew from Armani as the most successful designer whose annual income amounted to 1999, more than 135 million U.S. dollars. He doesn't need to play Eurolotto. The now 75-year design is still monitored by watchful eyes of the collections of his highly successful company.

The world of perfumes and designer jeans from Giorgio Armani

They have carved out a permanent place in the world of fragrances. It joins Armani fragrance greats such as Dior or Lagerfeld with one. The talk is of perfume from the fashion house Giorgio Armani. Armani fragrances is available both for men and for men. The fragrance creations have been developed under the collaboration of L'Oréal and also be produced there. The most popular scents are called Armani, Armani Code, Armani and Emporio Armani Attitude. The entire range of fragrance creations, of course, still more complex and extensive, the scents of the house of Armani is available in both the perfume and the Internet. Besides the well known fashion for special occasions and business clothing from the house of Armani, are the jeans of fashion labels in great demand, because the jeans with the well-known trademarks have the Armani eagle on the wearers and makers have long achieved cult status. Those who can afford Armani, which shows the technical discussions. This is true both for young people and for the serious lady or gentleman. Of course, it also includes everyday clothes like jeans still on the upscale designer clothes, because the Jeans by Giorgio Armani, not everyday jeans, but something very special. This is true also for the fashion and accessories from Giorgio Armani, have not yet found a special mention here.

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