Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a label that stands for both an excellent line of clothing, as well as a range of fragrances and accessories. With the tribe in the small town of Metzingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Hugo Boss is not just in the fashion world, an established designer label, but has also achieved international success in many other areas, and last but not least, for example through sponsorship in Formula One, Tennis, Golf and water sports world has become known. The label was founded in 1924 by the coming of Metzingen, Hugo Ferdinand Boss. About the ups and downs of time has prevailed then, the brand Boss. Subsidiaries have been sold, but work still partly in conjunction with the company. Hugo Boss has left the company to be responsible for the production of uniforms in World War II, was made a first class fashion label that is popular worldwide. Meanwhile, it is in possession of the hauptanteiligem Italian Valentino Fashion Group and since 1985 firmly on the stock market.

Hugo Boss clothes and perfumes

Hugo Boss is divided into two sub-brands, namely "Hugo" and "Boss". Boss specializes in business clothes, suits, evening wear, shoes, sportswear and leisurewear. Hugo Boss clothing is not just fashion for men, for the past few years, a separate women's fashion line is drawn, and since not too long ago, there is also a fashion for children. Straight lines and a little playful underlines the high quality of materials, so that Hugo Boss has become a very popular fashion label for almost all age groups. The collections are always popular in all areas and reflect the fashion sense and love of excellent qualities in the material selection and processing by the customer. Hugo Boss clothing covers all areas of apparel and accessories such as sunglasses, decorative accessories (jewelry), scarves, umbrellas and watches are part of the line. From underwear to overcoat and jacket for the fashion-conscious customers in the brand Boss got everything.

Not only in the field of fashion apparel, Hugo Boss has a firm foothold, because in the perfume brand is a seal of exquisite men's and women's fragrances and cosmetics, as lotions, shower gel and soap. By Procter & Gamble's products with the name "Boss" and "Hugo" on a trademark license from Hugo Boss are produced and distributed and are available in well-assorted perfumes and perfumery departments.

The incumbent actively supports through sponsorship of sport, culture and art and also offers its employees to promote and support the implementation of project ideas and new creative approaches.

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