Marketplace for schools - the good initiative

Neither private sectors, or from business and professional life is an integral part of the computer. In most households, especially in those where children live, there are computers. However, it is often lacking in skilled manual, as this technique is to make good use. In many cases, computers are mainly used for playing, chatting and the like used. Knowledge of hardware and software, basic knowledge of programming and independent programming, staying on the track. Here, the input of the computer technology is needed in the schools to teach young people the Grundvorrausetzungen for the application of IT technology in later professional life. Unfortunately, it is ordered in a large proportion of schools with adequate equipment in terms of the technology, nor bad. There are only obsolete or too few computers. While in other countries in the use of computers in the classroom has become a matter of course, our schools are lagging far behind here.

Changing this has become the marketplace for schools initiative taken on the task, which several years ago, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, in collaboration with the initiative launched in D 21. This is mainly to improve the provision of schools with computer technology. Initiative D 21 implies has long been strong for improving the education and training situation in Germany, and is therefore heavily involved in the marketplace for schools. Companies and administrations will be called here to put on the market place for their old IT equipment to schools for German schools to provide.

Good concept for companies and schools

Often, computers are depreciated in a company or an administration already and no longer fully meet the new requirements, which are fully functional and use for teaching purposes very well. Instead of entrusting this technique simply the waste, it is a good idea to attach them to the schools to provide. This benefits in two parts, the company and the school. The company spared the expensive and cumbersome disposal of equipment, to get them, the appropriate donation receipts for tax records. The devices will be picked up by the initiative marketplace for schools. Marketplace for schools also takes on the thorough removal of all data on the disks, the necessary checks and cleaning of your computer. The donor therefore has no costs and no additional work. Even the delivery to the individual schools does the marketplace for schools. Thousands of computers were able to already be delivered to schools. Entrepreneurs can contribute so much sense to the formation of future trainees.

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