No Limits in Textile Design

Anyone who has ever attended a fashion show, which will often find that the models wear clothes that really are not practical. The heels are so high that the models already stumbling, the lingerie is so scarce that privacy is barely covered, adorned the hats are so extravagant that they are hardly bearable and sometimes the clothes do not even look good. One should be aware that in many fashion shows, it's not about a good sale but rather to feel the audience and the press is shocked by the textile design. But even this bold fashion designers sell their clothes in boutiques. But normal people are earning these garments do not want to buy that for normal people maybe were a little uncomfortable. But the designers aim is to create something that is not there yet. The aim is to create unique pieces that stand out from everything else. With all the fashion that is rather difficult and so it comes to the most remarkable designs. But there are many women who buy these clothes exactly why: They exist only once. Anyone who carries such an extravagant textile design, which is unique through this all over the world. This läst the convenience and usefulness of the garment into the background. Here it is simply: Attracting attention!

Everyday Textile Design

Not every fashion designer creates exclusive garments for individuals who wear these garments are often only a few times, until they disappear in the clothes closet for good. Many fashion designers working for well known brands, or for Noname producers to design the textile design, which we wear ordinary people every day. This does not mean that this work is easier. Let's say that fashion designers will create a shoe for Nike. This must look so good that it is purchased. Moreover, this shoe has to be so comfortable that is bought at the next purchase another shoe from Nike. In these two areas must now sell the textile design of the entire competition, so that the customer buys this shoe, although it is 20 euros more expensive than any other shoe. Thus, the fashion designers from Nike also must have experience and working really hard on the product to meet customer needs. Here the question is not to produce a unique piece, to see for the carrier on any away flaws, this is about creating a perfect product for the mass market. As the masses have little money now has to be added one more hurdle: The textile design for the everyday market should be as cheap as possible, however, yet has a high quality show. Which of these designer now has the job more difficult?

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